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SocietalSystem ( StS ) Global-Local Impact Passport
and Exchange Currency

A totally new formula.
eGloc is the proposed parallel, complementary currency for exclusive regional transactions.
The currency is usable in any locality of the world, but only for regional products and services.
So, eGlocs Brussels are only usable in the Brussels e-Region, for Brussels' products and sevices, not from other origin.
However, people with eGlocs Brussels can use them for example on their journey in the Algarve region, Portugal,
to exclusively buy products and services in and from the Algarve, etc.

The use of eGlocks, directly supporting regional economies, goes with a number of discounts, facilities and advantages,
for both users and accepting public and private entities.

Producta and services that are not produced in tge e-region, and panergetically positive,
have still to be handled with the site's official currencies.

eGloc transaction are to apply the official fiscal directives of the region.

Per e-Region or country, an exchange rate has to be established.

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Date: 28.04.2020
SocietalSystem ( StS )